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The perfect way to meet your geek soulmate.

Geeks didn't have an app to meet other geeks.
So we built an app for that.
Featured on the top 100 of the App Store.

Nearby and On-Demand

Search nearby, on-demand. It’s instant and easy. Plus, you even get to select the location - no matter if it’s 5 miles away or across the world.

Categories For Days

Are you a geek in computers? A geek in flying airplanes? A geek in something else such as TV shows? We’ve got a category for that. Meet the one in the right place (and hopefully the right time).

Unlimited Messaging Capability

Message as many potential romances as you want! Unlike some apps, we don’t charge for that.

Posts, not Swipes

We thought the swiping system was dated. Swiping not only wastes time, but you have to wait hours and hours to start getting matches. With Geek Seek, you simply make a post about what you’re a geek in and you’ll start getting messages.


Matches Made







A taste of the app

Screenshots of how Geek Seek works.

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